Thomas KrijnenArchitecture and Information Technology



IfcOpenShell is one of the leading open source implementations of the IFC file format and is geared towards providing an easy interface to extract and manipulate geometry in IFC files. Thomas initiated the project and is one of the lead developers. is an free and open architecture encyclopaedia with a semi-semantical data model that allows for highly specialized queries. Thomas initiated the project and is currently the only developer as well as a major contributor of the building data and pictures.

Evaluation of Acoustics using Ray-tracing /

EAR is a ray-tracer that models the propagation of sound for architectural acoustics. In addition it provides tools for easily sketching auditory walk-throughs. EAR has been developed as part of Thomas' graduation thesis.

Johann Sebastian Bach on the Dance Floor

Johann Sebastian Bach on the Dance Floor is an interactive art project that aims to investigate the spatiality of music and the notion of taking a photograph of this musical space.

Building Accessibility Guidelines for TNO

For TNO, a renowned research institution in the Netherlands, Thomas built an on-line aggregation of several sources of building accessibility guidelines, composed into an interactive design that can be navigated on-line.

Blender Behavioural Simulation

For a university project Thomas built a behavioural simulation system that allowed designers to engage a behavioural simulation with autonomous actors while simultaneously modelling their design and have the actors respond to the design decisions.

Dutch Chamber of Commerce number: 59997338 (KvK nummer)
VAT number: NL042782697B01 (BTW nummer)