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Welcome to the website of Thomas Krijnen. Unfortunately he has no hobbies, although he spends a lot of time near his computer and guitars.

Over the years Thomas has specialized himself in engaging architecture from an information technology oriented position. In fact, he hopes to have someday trained his computer to the extent that she (indeed, his laptop is feminine) will do all architectural designing for him while Thomas himself can sit back and enjoy his well-deserved retirement. However, for the time being, he is mostly interested in explaining architectural design and theory in terms of the merciless logic of the computer, and creating architectural design using the analytical and generative qualities of information technology.

Thomas is an unmistakable agnostic, however, one of his stronger beliefs is that architecture and music were in fact once the same discipline, but were deliberately separated in order to increase financial revenue for its practitioners. In an attempt to prove this, Thomas wrote his graduation thesis on ‘The Musicality of Architecture’, of which some material is available here:

Thomas has worked as a Senior Software Engineer for the software development and consultancy firm ‘Gehry Technologies’. At the time of writing Thomas is about to start his PhD research. Thomas is the founder of a company called AECgeeks that specializes in software development and generative design for the Architecture Engineering and Construction industry.
All work available on this website is provided under the Creative Commons Attribution license unless stated otherwise.
Dutch Chamber of Commerce number: 59997338 (KvK nummer)
VAT number: NL042782697B01 (BTW nummer)